The NEW Terrace Hill Dental BLOG

Welcome everyone, to the new blog from the staff at Terrace Hill Dental Center!!  We are very excited to bring a new way for our dentists and staff to communicate with all of our patients, friends and possible new patients on a regular basis.  You may already be asking yourself some questions right now like; why are they writing these, who is writing this, and why am I reading this?  Those are very good questions, and I hope to answer them right now.

Why are they writing this blog?  We believe this will be a new, fun and informative way to reach everyone in our surrounding community.  There will always be several topics that you may want more information about from us.  These posts will enable us to better inform you of new products that may have been introduced to the dental community.  There may be a new bleaching product, like Sinsational Smile, that is out and we want to inform you of why we chose this product, as well as the benefits to our patients of this product over another one we could have used.  We can also use this forum to introduce you to a new service that one of our dentists now provides.  For example, did you know that Dr. Janice Touchstone now can provide Botox and Juvederm treatments to our patients?  Well, now you do.  Also, did you know that I can provide a dental alternative to a CPAP machine for those that have been diagnosed with sleep apnea?  These posts will allow us to go into more detail than a Facebook ad or a poster on the wall may give you.

Who is writing this blog?  This blog may be written by one of any number of individuals.  Even though I like to believe that I know everything, I can admit when someone may know a little bit more than I do.  You may read blogs from Dr. Janice Touchstone, Dr. Patrick Lamb, myself, or maybe from one of our amazing front office employees.  I may even be able to coerce one of our excellent dental hygienists to write from time to time.  I’ll try to get some insight from time to time from Dr. Wallace, but don’t bet on him writing one of these.  He has a hard enough time locating the on/off switch to the computer.  The blogs may even be a combination plate from multiple sources. I will try to make sure you hear from the best source or sources in our office.

Why am I reading this?  Well, this may be the hardest question for me to answer of all.  I hope you’re reading it because you, like me, want to know as much as possible about why you are having a procedure done to you.  And, why are they using that.  I don’t want you to go into any procedure with finances being the only motivating factor.  We, as the doctors & staff of Terrace Hill Dental Center, want to make sure you are 100% informed and very comfortable with everything we are doing.

So, now that I am approaching the end of this starter piece, I would like to go over some of the rules that we are going to try to follow when it comes to this blog.  I want all of you to have as much knowledge as possible in every piece.  So, expect them to be a bit longer than this introductory piece.  I want your input into the subjects we write about.  At the end of this blog, use the reply section to let us know what subject area you would like us to cover.  We will try to get to all of them, so please be patient.  We are going to try and shoot for a new blog every two weeks right now.  We may do more or we may do less.  I guess that all depends on you!

Finally, we would really like all comments to these blogs to remain on subject and respectful.  If we deem a reply as “off track,” it will be deleted to allow for other, more respectful responses.

Great, now let the FUN begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Henderson, DMD